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I will continue to stand by the people I care about even if they won't stand by me. I will continue to always be there for them when they need it... even if they will only talk to me when they need something. I will continue to be loyal... maybe even when people don't deserve it... I will continue to help people even if they don't deserve it... even if they end up fucking me over... I refuse to let that part of me die because of a few bad people. I know I can be selfish... but I also know I've done completely selfless things for people... and I will never regret that. I will NEVER regret the good things I've done... even if they were for people that want to hurt me. Even if my mortal enemies were in dire need of help and I was able to help them... I hope that I would be able to look past the things they've done and help a person in need. I hope I never regret at least giving a person the chance....

People who cry out the loudest and hardest refuse to look in the mirror. They are blinded by hate... hate that maybe someone has been given a better hand in life. So they will pick apart people... only look at their faults. They want to think they are a better person who deserves it more than what the other person has. They are really jealous... but they won't admit it. I feel sorry for the people that talk about others... that feel the need to give bad advice full of hatred. It is never good to hate. I feel sorry for the person that thinks no one is selfless... that they always have to have some selfish motive for the things they do. They have obviously never cared about someone so much. I feel sorry for the person that refuses to let friends in... always pushes people away and says that everyone can't be trusted.

It's not the things we have done... its not how much we know or the job we have.... all of that will die with us. The only thing that will live on is the love inside the people who we cared about and cared about us. Money will never make a person happy. A degree or a job will never make a person happy. It's people that will. Even if someone never does anything important... that doesn't mean that they were worthless. We don't need a job... we don't need knowledge. Some happy people have been those that never did anything "worthwhile" with their life. Some people are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Would it not be better to be poor and happy than rich and alone and untrusting of everyone around you? The best thing that can ever happen is having a true friend. Everyone will hurt you at some point... everyone will disappoint you. We are all human... selfish... stupid. Sometimes we don't realize what things mean... sometimes we don't look far enough ahead to see what the outcome will be. Sometimes we do or say things because we are so full of bad emotions... pain... hatred.

Some people put too much worth in things that don't matter. Some people judge others by things that don't matter. Maybe the person that never finished high school... that works at walmart... that never "did something with their life" is the best person in the world. I hope to never judge someone for what they haven't done or what they've done in the past. It's a person's heart that matters more.

Sometimes we have to knowingly open up to people that may hurt us to ever find those people that won't. Fear will only keep you alone.

I can never make someone return love... if they give up then there is nothing I can do... but that doesn't mean I will stop... that doesn't mean I have to give up.

I will only look at the good in my friends and close my eyes to the faults... to the hurt that they don't mean to bring. I know they will eventually hurt me again... but I will suffer it because I think they are worth it.

Life is sometimes suffering... it's only friends that will make it worth it.... not money or job or how much you know... or how much you think you've done for the world... sometimes that will make the suffering so much worse... because you think you never deserved it. Life is suffering. But life CAN be happiness too... and it's not things that make happiness but love.

I hope people will listen and take it to heart... but I know they won't.
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