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Stuff I'd like to get rid of...

*Price in US dollars
*I ship from Charlotte, NC within a week
*I do have cats! Though they are not allowed near my clothes, sometimes a few stray hairs will get on them.
*First person to leave their paypal will get the item
*Must receive payment within 24 hours unless another agreement was made
*Person willing to pay full price/no holds will get first priority because I need to sell these quickly

MaxRave blouses (ivory, pink, black) $10 each

Black Checked top $6

(there is a small rip in the eyelet lace)

Sweet Rococo Pink Carousel Skirt and headbow $140 back

Fan Plus Friend Butterfly Skirt $40 back

Malco Mode white underskirt $25 full circle skirt

Bodyline Princess Skirt in pink $40 back

Bodyline OP $45 back closeup of print

Bodyline Cosmetics OP in navy $60 back

AatP Queen's Coach OP in ivory $350

AP Sugary Carnival OP in lavender (first release) $500

Butterfly headbands (yellow, blue, navy is sold) $6 each

I have some more stuff too I'll have to take pics of...
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